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Service Lists: Antidumping Countervailing

The Commission maintains public and confidential service lists for its Import Injury investigations. Public service lists include the names of all parties to the investigations, as well as the address information for the parties or their counsel, if applicable. Confidential service lists include only the names and address information for representatives approved for access to confidential business information under the administrative protective order.

Grain Oriented Electrical Steel from China, Czech Republic, Germany, Japan, Korea, Poland, and Russia
Investigation Nos. 701-TA-505 and 731-TA-1231-1237 (F), Inactive
APO Service List,  August 26, 2014
Public Service List,  October 18, 2013

Granular Polytetrafluoroethylene Resin from India and Russia
701-TA-663-664 and 731-TA-1555-1556 (Final), Active
APO Service List,  December 3, 2021
Public Service List,  February 10, 2021

Hardwood Plywood from China
701-TA-565 and 731-TA-1341(Final), Active
APO Service List,  October 12, 2017
Public Service List,  July 20, 2017

Hardwood Plywood from China
Investigation Nos. 701-TA-490 and 731-TA-1240 (P), Inactive
APO Service List,  August 30, 2013
Public Service List,  September 18, 2013

Heavy Walled Rectangular Welded Carbon Steel Pipes and Tubes from Korea, Mexico and Turkey
701-TA-539 and 731-TA-1280-1282 (Final), Active
APO Service List,  July 7, 2016
Public Service List,  July 7, 2016

Hot Rolled Steel Products from India
701-TA-405 (129 Consistency Determination), Active
APO Service List,  January 15, 2016
Public Service List,  January 5, 2016

Hot-Rolled Steel Flat Products from Australia, Brazil, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the Netherlands, Turkey, and the United Kingdom
701-TA-545-547 and 731-TA-1291-1297 (Final), Inactive
APO Service List,  July 20, 2017
Public Service List,  September 14, 2016

Hydrofluorocarbon Blends and Components from China
731-TA-1279 (Final), Active
APO Service List,  March 24, 2020
Public Service List,  May 10, 2016

Iron Mechanical Transfer Drive Components from Canada and China
701-TA-550 and 731-TA-1304-1305(Final), Active
APO Service List,  November 3, 2016
Public Service List,  November 3, 2016

Kitchen Appliance Shelving and Racks from China
Investigation Nos. 701-TA-458 (Final) and 731-TA-1154 (Final), Inactive
APO Service List,  June 5, 2009
Public Service List,  May 5, 2009

Laminated Woven Sacks from China
Investigation Nos. 701-TA-450 (Final) and 731-TA-1122 (Final), Inactive
APO Service List,  August 21, 2008
Public Service List,  April 7, 2008

Laminated Woven Sacks from Vietnam
701-TA-601 and 731-TA-1411 (Preliminary), Inactive
APO Service List,  March 22, 2018
Public Service List,  March 22, 2018

Laminated Woven Sacks from Vietnam
701-TA-601 and 731-TA-1411 (Final), Inactive
APO Service List,  April 15, 2019
Public Service List,  May 22, 2018

Large Diameter Welded Pipe from Canada, China, Greece, India, Korea and Turkey
701-TA-593-596 and 731-TA-1401-1406 (Preliminary), Inactive
APO Service List,  May 17, 2018
Public Service List,  February 1, 2018

Large Diameter Welded Pipe from Canada, Greece, Korea and Turkey
701-TA-595-596 and 731-TA-1401, 1403, and 1405-1406 (Final), Active
APO Service List,  February 16, 2021
Public Service List,  October 18, 2018

Large Power Transformers from Korea
731-TA-1189 (F), Inactive
APO Service List,  June 20, 2012
Public Service List,  May 14, 2012

Large Residential Washers
TA-201-076, Inactive
APO Service List,  August 18, 2017
Public Service List,  August 14, 2017

Large Residential Washers from China
731-TA-1306(Final), Active
APO Service List,  October 21, 2016
Public Service List,  August 31, 2016

Large Residential Washers from Korea and Mexico
Investigations Nos. 701-TA-488 and 731-TA-1199-1200 (P), Inactive
APO Service List,  February 3, 2014
Public Service List,  June 27, 2013

Large Vertical Shaft Engines from China
701-TA-637 and 731-TA-1471 (Final), Active
APO Service List,  December 8, 2020
Public Service List,  December 8, 2020

Lemon Juice from Argentina and Mexico
Investigation Nos. 731-TA-1105-1106 (Final), Inactive
APO Service List,  August 7, 2008
Public Service List,  August 7, 2007

Lemon Juice from Brail and South Africa
731-TA-1578-1579 (Final), Active
APO Service List,  June 16, 2022
Public Service List,  June 16, 2022

Lemon Juice from Brazil & South Africa
731-TA-1578-1579(Preliminary), Active
APO Service List,  May 25, 2022
Public Service List,  May 25, 2022

Light-Walled Rectangular Pipe and Tube from China, Korea, Mexico and Turkey
Investigation Nos. 701-TA-449 (Final) and 731-TA-1118-1121 (Final), Inactive
APO Service List,  July 9, 2013
Public Service List,  June 30, 2008

Lightweight Thermal Paper from China, Germany, and Korea
Investigation Nos. 701-TA-451 (Final) and 731-TA-1126-1128 (Final), Inactive
APO Service List,  August 21, 2008
Public Service List,  March 27, 2008

Lightweight Thermal Paper from Germany
Investigation No. 731-TA-1127(F)(Remand), Inactive
APO Service List,  July 21, 2011
Public Service List,  July 21, 2011

Lined Paper School Supplies from China, India, and Indonesia
Investigation Nos. 701-TA-442-443 (Final) and 731-TA-1095-1097 (Final), Inactive
APO Service List,  September 1, 2011
Public Service List,  September 1, 2011

Liquid Sulfur Dioxide from Canada
Investigation No. 731-TA-1098 (Preliminary), Inactive
APO Service List,  October 21, 2005
Public Service List,  October 17, 2005

Low Enriched Uranium from France
Investigation No. 731-TA-909 (Second Review), Inactive
APO Service List,  August 26, 2013
Public Service List,  July 22, 2013

Low Melt Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF) from Korea and Taiwan
731-TA-1378-1379 (Preliminary), Inactive
APO Service List,  April 16, 2018
Public Service List,  July 11, 2017

Magnesia Carbon Bricks from China and Mexico
Investigation No. 701-TA-468 and 731-TA-1166-1167 (Final), Inactive
APO Service List,  January 11, 2011
Public Service List,  January 11, 2011

Magnesium from Israel
701-TA-614 and 731-TA-1431 (Final), Inactive
APO Service List,  November 19, 2019
Public Service List,  November 6, 2019

Magnesium from Israel
701-TA-614 and 731-TA-1431 (Preliminary), Inactive
APO Service List,  November 13, 2018
Public Service List,  November 13, 2018

Mattresses from Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam
701-TA-645 and 731-TA-1495-1501(Final), Active
APO Service List,  February 12, 2021
Public Service List,  January 15, 2021

Mattresses from China
731-TA-1424(Final), Inactive
APO Service List,  September 24, 2019
Public Service List,  September 26, 2019

Melamine from China and Trinidad and Tobago
701-TA-526-52 and 731-1262-1263 (Final), Active
APO Service List,  October 27, 2015
Public Service List,  June 1, 2015

Metal Calendar Slides from Japan
Investigation No. 731-TA-1094 (Final), Inactive
APO Service List,  June 15, 2006
Public Service List,  April 5, 2006

Metal Lockers from China
701-TA-656 and 731-TA-1533 (Final), Active
APO Service List,  November 13, 2020
Public Service List,  November 13, 2020

Metal Lockers from China
701-TA-656 and 731-TA-1533(Preliminary), Active
APO Service List,  July 30, 2020
Public Service List,  July 30, 2020

Methionine from France, Japan and Spain
731-TA-1534-1536 (Preliminary), Inactive
APO Service List,  August 12, 2020
Public Service List,  August 12, 2020

Methionine from France, Japan and Spain
731-TA-1534-1536 (Final), Inactive
APO Service List,  June 14, 2021
Public Service List,  June 14, 2021

Mobile Access Equipment from China
701-TA-665 and 731-TA-1557 (Preliminary), Inactive
APO Service List,  July 21, 2021
Public Service List,  July 23, 2021

Mobile Access Equipment from China
701-TA-665 and 731-TA-1557 (Final), Active
APO Service List,  August 24, 2021
Public Service List,  August 24, 2021

Monosodium Glutamate from China and Indonesia
Investigation Nos. 701-TA-503-504 and 731-TA-1229-1230 (P), Inactive
APO Service List,  June 18, 2014
Public Service List,  November 15, 2013

Multilayered Wood Flooring from China
Investigation Nos. 701-TA-476(Final) and 731-TA-1179 (Final), Inactive
APO Service List,  July 23, 2013
Public Service List,  July 23, 2013

Narrow Woven Ribbons with Woven Selvedge from China and Taiwan
Investigation Nos. 701-TA-467 and 731-TA-1164-1165 (Final), Inactive
APO Service List,  September 15, 2010
Public Service List,  September 15, 2010

New Pneumatic Off-the-Road-Tires from China, India, and Sri Lanka
701-TA-551-553 and 731-TA-1307-1308(Preliminary), Inactive
APO Service List,  January 28, 2016
Public Service List,  January 28, 2016

New Pneumatic Off-the-Road-Tires from India, and Sri Lanka
701-TA-552-553 and 731-TA-1308(Final), Inactive
APO Service List,  December 14, 2016
Public Service List,  December 14, 2016

Ni-Resist Piston Inserts from Argentina and South Korea
Investigation No. 701-TA-460-461 (Preliminary), Inactive
APO Service List,  October 7, 2009
Public Service List,  October 7, 2009

Non-Melleable Cast Iron Pipe Fittings from China
Investigation No. 731-TA-990 (Second Review), Inactive
APO Service List,  July 23, 2013
Public Service List,  July 23, 2013