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Docket # Sort ascending Received Type Commodity INV #
3681 May 26, 2023 Section 337 Semiconductor Devices and Products Containing the Same Pending Institution
3680 May 4, 2023 Section 337 Photovoltaic Connectors and Components Thereof Pending Institution
3679 Apr 27, 2023 Import Injury Petition Non-Refillable Cylinder from India 701-TA-689 and 731-TA-1618 (Preliminary)
3678 Apr 27, 2023 Import Injury Petition Brass Rod from Brazil, India, Israel, Mexico, South Africa, and South Korea 701-TA-686-688 and 731-TA-1612-1617 (Preliminary)
3677 Apr 25, 2023 Import Injury Petition Boltless Steel Shelving Units Prepackaged for Sale from India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam 731-TA-1607-1611 (Preliminary)
3676 Apr 24, 2023 Section 337 Blood Flow Restriction Devices with Rotatable Windlasses and Components Thereof Pending Institution
3675 Apr 11, 2023 Section 337 Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) Systems And Components Thereof Pending Institution
3674 Apr 6, 2023 Section 337 Liquid Transfer Devices with an Intregral Vial Adapter Pending Institution
3673 Apr 3, 2023 Section 337 Wi-Fi Routers, Wi-Fi Devices, Mesh Wi-Fi Network Devices, and Hardware and Software Components Thereof Pending Institution
3672 Mar 10, 2023 Section 337 LED Landscape Lighting Devices, Components Thereof, and Products Containing Same 337-TA-1358
3671 Mar 8, 2023 Section 337 Electronic Anti-Theft Shopping Cart Wheels, Components Thereof, and Systems Containing the Same 337-TA-1357
3670 Mar 2, 2023 Section 337 Dermatological Treatment Devices and Components Thereof 337-TA-1356
3669 Feb 13, 2023 Section 337 Portable Battery Jump Starters and Components Thereof 337-TA-1359
3668 Feb 6, 2023 Section 337 Compact Wallets and Components Thereof 337-TA-1355
3667 Feb 2, 2023 Section 337 Universal Golf Club Shaft and Golf Club Head Connection, Adaptors, Certain Components Thereof, and Products Containing Same (II) 337-TA-1354
3666 Jan 25, 2023 General Factfinding Distributional Effects of Trade and Trade Policy on U.S. Workers Series 332-TA-587
3665 Jan 19, 2023 Section 337 Pick-up Truck Folding Bed Cover Systems and Components Thereof 337-TA-1353
3664 Jan 18, 2023 Import Injury Petition Tin Mill Products from Canada, China, Germany, Netherlands, Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United Kingdom 701-TA-685 and 731-TA-1599-1606
3663 Dec 30, 2022 Import Injury Petition Gas Powered Pressure Washers from China and Vietnam 701-TA-684 and 731-TA-1597-1598 (Preliminary)
3662 Dec 29, 2022 Section 337 Selective Thyroid Hormone Receptor-Beta Agonists, Processes for Manufacturing or Relating to Same, and Products Containing Same 337-TA-1352