Dynamic Gravity Dataset (DGD)

The gravity data describes country characteristics and relationships between two trading partners.  This data covers the period between 1948 and 2019 and contains variables describing macroeconomic indicators, geographic characteristics, trade facilitation measures, cultural relationships, and institutional stability measures. In order to accurately reflect the dynamic nature of the globe, the dataset follows the formation and dissolution of countries each year and features extensive time variation in corresponding variables.

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Version 2.1 (released in May 2021;  data coverage for 1948-2019):

1948-1999, 2000-2016 (matches years in ITPD-E-R01)2000-2019 (matches years in ITPD-E-R02)

Country and year coverage (in Version 2)

Recommended citation (for any version of the dataset)

Tamara Gurevich and Peter Herman, (2018). The Dynamic Gravity Dataset: 1948-2016. USITC Working Paper 2018-02-A.

Dataset documentation

Technical Documentation
Version 2.1 Updates
Version 2 Updates

Version History
Version 2.0: New data, updated years, minor corrections (March 2021) (198 MB)
Version 1.0: Initial Release (April 2021) (209 MB)

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