Certain Seamless Carbon and Alloy Steel Standard, Line, and Pressure Pipe from China
701-TA-469 and 731-TA-1168
Second Review (Expedited)
Investigator Name
Alejandro Orozco
Investigator Phone
(202) 205-3177
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Supervisory Investigator Name
Celia Feldpausch
Supervisory Investigator Phone
(202) 205-2387
Supervisory Investigator E-mail
Key Dates
Phase Key: A= Adequacy, P=Preliminary, F=Final, FR= Full Review, ER=Expedited Review<br>Start (A, P,F, FR, ER)
Staff Report (F, FR, ER)
Proposed Vote (A, P, F, FR, ER)
Determination(s) Issued (P, F, FR, ER)
Final Comments (ER, F, FR)
View(s) Issued (P, F, FR, ER)
End (A, P, F, FR, ER)
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