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MTB Helpful Tips

The following are helpful tips related to the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill filing process.

If you decide you need to make edits to a petition already submitted, you must withdraw the original petition and file a new one, and you must complete and submit any corrected petition before the filing period closes at 5:15 p.m. on December 10, 2019. New Failure to withdraw the original petition may result in application of Commission Rule 220.7(b) regarding duplicative and overlapping petitions.

If your product has a Chemical Abstract Services (CAS) number, include it in your article description (Question 6). New

Always use metric units when your article description (Question 6) includes measurements. New

Question 14 permits you to upload any additional information you think may assist the Commission in their review of your petition New

Any attachment uploaded in response to question 14 will be treated as public information and made available on our website.  Do not upload any confidential business information here.

Question 11(e) permits you to claim your attachment is confidential business information. Be sure to properly bracket confidential business information in this attachment. New

See the Handbook on MTB Filing Procedures for more information.

Format your article description correctly New

Provide the permanent 8-digit HTS classification in parentheses preceded by the words “provided for in.”  Here is an example:  Athletic mouth guards of plastics (provided for in subheading 9506.99.60).  Please see the 9902 headings currently in effect for more examples.  Your language in question 6 should align very closely with your answers to question 11, even if your “short title” is somewhat different.  So if you cite physical characteristics, functions, or other criteria in question 11, these need to be properly reflected in the article description for question 6.

If you want to request a different temporary rate of duty for an existing 9902 provision but NOT change the article description or short product name, choose “Yes, without change” on Card 3 and enter your rate of duty for the product when you get to Card New

Be sure to clearly and accurately describe the product for which you are petitioning in question 6. New Question 6 requires you to enter/confirm the article description; this is the legal language that tells Customs exactly which products at the port can claim the 9902 heading suggested in your petition. This heading, with any changes the Commission might recommend, would be inserted into chapter 99 of the HTS, if MTB legislation is enacted. Do not copy the language from the permanent HTS provision unless you actually intend to cover every product in that provision, bearing in mind the potential for broader domestic impact and higher revenue loss in that case.

Question 12 requires you to estimate the value of dutiable imports in U.S. Dollars. This is the estimated value of imports, not the estimate of duties paid. New This estimate should be for the value of imports that do not qualify for a special rate of duty under a free trade agreement or trade preference program, such as GSP or AGOA. If you are seeking to renew an existing 9902 heading, your estimates for 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 should not take into account the duty suspensions and reductions currently in place, as the current temporary duty suspensions and reductions expire in December, 2020.

Current MTB duty suspensions and reductions in chapter 9902 will expire on December 31, 2020. New In order to request an extension of any current MTB duty suspension or reduction, you must file a petition seeking to renew that 9902 heading by December 10, 2019 at 5:15 PM, ET.