Tariff Databases

USITC Tariff Database Interactive (data current through October 3, 2018) Quick lookup; effective dates; related trade data.

This database is expressed in terms of the most recent version of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (HTS). Tariffs are provided at the tariff-line (8-digit HTS item) level. Where differing units of quantity exist at 10-digit HTS line-item levels for a given 8-digit number, "NA" will appear for quantity. Also, multiple lines of data will appear for those items that changed rates or special-program eligibility during the year.

Quick Lookup - Tariff Programs--Tariff preference programs, eligible countries, GSP eligibility by product and country.

Tariff Database Tables 1997-2018--for browsing or downloading

Future Tariffs Lookup--Scheduled U.S. Tariff Reductions

DataWeb Assistance for technical help with database

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