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The Journal of International Commerce and Economics (JICE) is a peer-reviewed journal (ISSN 2152-6877) published on a periodic basis by the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC). JICE articles contribute to the field of applied international trade by providing in-depth, policy-relevant, and accessible analysis of contemporary economic, industry competitiveness, and investment issues.

Note that staff research publications reflect the work of individual authors and are not the views of the U.S. International Trade Commission or any of its individual Commissioners.

JICE publications can be found by typing in the desired keyword into the search box labeled "Search JICE Publications." Filtering options on the left panel can help narrow the search criteria. Note: Filtering may not be presented on mobile devices

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Title Date Author
Distinctive Patterns and Prospects in China-Latin America Trade, 1999-2005 Sep 2006 Alexander B. Hammer, James A. Kilpatrick
U.S. Corn Sweeteners and Mexican Sugar: Agreement at Last! Dec 2006 Magda Kornis
Access to Capital in China: Competitive Conditions for Foreign and Domestic Firms Dec 2006 Katherine Linton
Inbound and Outbound U.S. Direct Investment With Leading Partner Countries, 2000-2007 Jun 2007 Laura Bloodgood
The Rise of the Flash Memory Market: Its Impact on Firm Behavior and Global Semiconductor Trade Patterns Jul 2007 Falan Yinug
U.S. Trade Law and FTAs: A Survey of Labor Requirements Jul 2007 Robert A. Rogowsky, Eric Chyn
A Calibrated Approach: Pharmaceutical FDI and the Evolution of Indian Patent Law Aug 2007 Katherine Linton, Nicholas Corrado
Export Taxes on Agricultural Products: Recent History and Economic Modeling of Soybean Export Taxes in Argentina Sep 2007 William Deese, John Roeder
The Post 9/11 Global Framework for Cargo Security Mar 2008 Joann Peterson, Alan Treat
The Link Between Openness and Long-Run Economic Growth Jul 2008 Lill Andersen, Ronald Babula
Industrial Biotechnology in China Amidst Changing Market Conditions Feb 2009 Elisabeth Nesbitt
Challenges to Foreign Investment in High-Tech Semiconductor Production in China May 2009 Falan Yinug
The Antigua-United States Online Gambling Dispute Jul 2009 Isaac Wohl
Developments in the Sourcing of Raw Materials for the Production of Paper Aug 2009 Vincent Honnold
Services Liberalization and Computable General Equilibrium Modeling: Beyond Tariff Equivalents Feb 2010 Tani Fukui, Christine McDaniel
Proceedings of the Joint Symposium of U.S.-China Advanced Technology Trade and Industrial Development May 2011 Various authors
Innovation and Job Creation in a Global Economy: The Case of Apple’s iPod May 2011 Greg Linden, Jason Dedrick, Kenneth L. Kraemer
Innovation in Biotechnology Seeds: Public and Private Initiatives in India and China May 2011 Katherine Linton, Mihir Torsekar
Understanding China’s High Investment Rate and FDI Levels: A Comparative Analysis of the Return to Capital in China, the United States, and Japan May 2011 Wenkai Sun, Xiuke Yang, Gene Xiao
The Information Technology Agreement: An Assessment of World Trade in Information Technology Products May 2011 Michael Anderson, Jacob Mohs
On the Value Chain and International Specialization of China’s Pharmaceutical Industry May 2011 Yansheng Zang, Dawei Li, Changyong Yang, Qiong Du
Study of China’s International Specialization Status in Advanced Technology Industry: A Case Study of Zhejiang Pinghu Opto-mechatronics Industry Cluster May 2011 Huang Xianhai, Yang Gaoju, Lu Jing
A Tale of Two Cities: A Comparison of Patent-based Innovative Performance of Domestic and Multinational Companies in China May 2011 Zheng Liang, Lan Xue
Overview of U.S.-China Trade in Advanced Technology Products May 2011 Alexander B. Hammer, Robert Koopman, Andrew Martinez
China’s Vision for Renewable Energy: The Status of Bioenergy and Bioproduct Research and Commercialization Aug 2011 Elisabeth Nesbitt, Paul Thiers, Johnway Gao, Sharon Shoemaker, Manuel Garcia-Perez, Julie Carrier, Joy Doran-Peterson, John Morgan, Guangyi Wang, Pierre Christian Wensel, Shulin Chen
The U.S. International Trade Commission's High-Technology Trade Roundtable Oct 2011 Falan Yinug, Natalie Mabile
Can We Apply Lessons from the German Trade Balance with China to the United States? Jan 2012 John B. Benedetto
Comment on Innovation and Job Creation in a Global Economy: The Case of Apple’s iPod Jan 2012 José Alberro
Policy Challenges of Cross-Border Computing May 2012 Renee Berry, Matthew Reisman
Implications and Interpretations of Value-Added Trade Balances Jul 2012 John B. Benedetto
Labor Standards and Trade: A Review of Recent Empirical Evidence Aug 2012 Samira Salem, Fina Rozental
The USITC’s Roundtable on Quantifying the Economic Effects of Trade Agreements: Discussion Summary Aug 2012 Caitlyn Carrico
The U.S. International Trade Commission’s High-technology Trade Roundtable (2012): Discussion Summary Sep 2012 Patrick Schneider
Korea’s Demand for U.S. Beef Jan 2013 John Giamalva
The Boom in Brazilians Traveling to the United States Jan 2013 David Riker, Jessica Vila-Goulding
Feeding the Dragon and the Elephant: How Agricultural Policies and Trading Regimes Influence Consumption in China and India May 2013 Katherine Baldwin, Joanna Bonarriva
The USITC’s Roundtable on the Labor Market Effects of Trade: Discussion Summary Aug 2013 Samira Salem, John Benedetto
Geographically Disaggregated Import Data and Consumer Gains from Trade Dec 2013 David Riker
U.S. International Trade Commission’s High-Technology Roundtable: Discussion Summary Apr 2014 Eric Weyer
Measuring Shifts in Brazil’s Trade Using International Input-Output Tables Apr 2014 Jeffrey Horowitz, David Riker
Who Financed Recent U.S. Trade Deficits? May 2014 John B. Benedetto
Additive Manufacturing Technology: Potential Implications for U.S. Manufacturing Competitiveness Sep 2014 Sharon L.N. Ford
The Economic Implications of Strengthening Intellectual Property Rights in Developing Countries Nov 2014 Alexi Maxwell, David Riker
Theory and Empirical Evidence Linking International Trade to Unemployment Rates May 2015 Maksim Belenkiy, David Riker
Trends in U.S. Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Petition Filings and the Consequences of Rule Changes, 1993–2013 Jul 2015 Craig Thomsen
Green Building Services Oct 2015 Jennifer Baumert Powell
U.S. International Trade Commission’s Digital Trade Roundtable: Discussion Summary Oct 2015 Jeff Horowitz
Export-Intensive Industries Pay More on Average: An Update Nov 2015 David Riker
A Survey of Empirical Models of Labor Transitions Following Trade Liberalization Jun 2016 David Riker, William Swanson
The Importance of Trade Secrets: New Directions in International Trade Policy Making and Empirical Research Sep 2016 Katherine Linton