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The Executive Briefings on Trade keep the Commission and the public current on domestic and global activities that affect U.S. trade, investment, and competitiveness. They reflect the opinions and research of individual authors and are not the views of the U.S. International Trade Commission or any of its individual Commissioners.

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Title Date Author
U.S. Soybean Exports to China Crushed Amid Rising Trade Tensions Justin Choe, Alexander Hammer, and Christopher Montgomery, Office of Economics
U.S. Manufacturers among Leading Suppliers in Growing Stationary Fuel Cell Market Aug 19 Andrew David, Office of Industries
From Bean to Bar: Trends and Opportunities in Cocoa Supply Chain Transparency Jul 19 Amelia Shister, USITC, Office of Industries
China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa Jul 19 Arona Butcher, Wen Jin “Jean” Yuan, and Ujjwall Uppuluri, USITC, Office of Economics
Beware of the Hype: Meat Alternatives Jun 19 Justin Choe, USITC, Office of Industries
The Automotive Semiconductor Market – Key Determinants of U.S. Firm Competitiveness May 19 Amanda Lawrence and John VerWey, USITC, Office of Industries
The African Swine Fever Epidemic in China: Implications for U.S. Exports May 19 Justin Choe, USITC, Office of Industries,
Decline in U.S. Passenger Railcar Competitiveness Signals New Infrastructure Concerns May 19 James Stamps, Office of Industries,
E-Scooters: Transportation Fad or Micro-Mobility Solution? Mar 19 Amanda Lawrence, USITC, Office of Industries
Where is U.S. Ethanol Going? Jan 19 Angélica Marrero, USITC, Office of Industries
What's Causing U.S. Semiconductor Equipment Production and Exports to Grow? Jan 19 John VerWey, USITC, Office of Industries
U.S.-Korea FTA: What is Driving U.S. Textile and Apparel Trade Imbalances? Oct 18 Mahnaz Khan, USITC, Office of Industries
Trends in U.S. Architectural and Engineering Services Exports Oct 18 Jennifer Baumert Powell, USITC, Office of Industries
The EU Medical Device Regulation and the U.S. Medical Device Industry Sep 18 Brian Daigle and Mihir Torsekar, USITC, Office of Industries
International Trade in Wood Pellets: Current Trends and Future Prospects Sep 18 Robert Ireland, USITC, Office of Industries
Not My Beer: The Effects of a CO2 Shortage Sep 18 Samantha DeCarlo and Angélica Marrero, USITC, Office of Industries
U.S. Agricultural Exports to China: The Ups and Downs of U.S. Feed Grains Sep 18 Angélica Marrero, USITC, Office of Industries
Does China Still Have a Debt Problem? Sep 18 Alexander Hammer and Nabil Abbyad, USITC, Office of Economics
U.S. Hydrocarbon Exports Grow Across the Board Aug 18 Diana Friedman, Office of Industries, USITC
U.S. Agricultural Exports to China: What’s New Since 2010? Jun 18 Renee Berry, Office of Industries, USITC
Agricultural Trade with China: The Opening of Beef Trade Jun 18 John Giamalva, Office of Industries, USITC
India’s Forward Momentum in Pharmaceuticals May 18 Elizabeth Nesbitt, Office of Industries
West Africa is Expanding its Maritime Ports to Accommodate Growing Container Trade May 18 Jeremy Streatfeild, Office of Industries
U.S. Motorcycle Market Changes Gears May 18 David Coffin, Office of Industries
China’s Recycled Wastepaper Import Policies: Part 1 Impact on the United States Apr 18 Sarah Scott, Office of Industries