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Staff Publications and Research Papers

The staff research publications help keep the Commission and the public current on domestic and global activities that affect U.S. trade, investment, and competitiveness conditions. This research is typically conducted by staff in the Office of Economics and Office of Industries, and is published in three different formats. For further information about the differences between the publications, please visit Publications Type information.

Note that staff research publications reflect the work of individual authors and are not the views of the U.S. International Trade Commission or any of its individual Commissioners.

Staff research publications can be found by typing in the desired keyword into the search box labeled "Search Staff Documents." Filtering options on the left panel can help narrow the search criteria. Note: Filtering may not be presented on mobile devices

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Title Document Type Date Author
 PDF icon ‘Made in China 2025’ Attempts to Re-Stimulate Domestic Innovation Executive Briefings Sep 2017 Alexander B. Hammer
 PDF icon 2020 Marine Fuel Regulations Set to Make Waves in Global Fuel Markets Executive Briefings Jan 2020 Diana Friedman
 PDF icon A Baseline For U.S. Trade In Organic Agricultural Products Executive Briefings Oct 2012 Katherine Baldwin
 PDF icon A Brief History of the U.S. Trade Adjustment Assistance Program for Workers Executive Briefings Jan 2017 Joanne Guth and Jean Lee
 PDF icon A Changing of the Guard? Emerging Southeast Asian Suppliers of Medical Technology Executive Briefings Oct 2019 Mihir Torsekar
 PDF icon A Tempest in the Oil Vat: Shocks to the Global Vegetable Oil Markets Executive Briefings Jun 2022 Marin Weaver
 PDF icon Adding Travel Goods to GSP: Did BDCs Benefit? Executive Briefings Sep 2020 Ryan Kane and Marin Weaver
 PDF icon Africa’s Crude Petroleum Exports Declined Due to a Shrinking U.S. Market Executive Briefings Jul 2015 Cynthia Foreso, Wen Jin Yuan, Anton C. Yang
 PDF icon Agricultural Trade with China: Dairy Import Giant Executive Briefings Sep 2019 Brad Gehrke and Lesley Ahmed
 PDF icon Agricultural Trade with China: The Opening of Beef Trade Executive Briefings Jun 2018 John Giamalva
 PDF icon Agriculture Policy in India: The Role of Input Subsidies Executive Briefings Mar 2011 Nick Grossman, Dylan Carlson
 PDF icon And Then There Were Four?: M&A in the Agricultural Chemicals Industry Executive Briefings Apr 2018 Samantha DeCarlo
 PDF icon Antimony: A Critical Material You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Executive Briefings Oct 2021 Brian Daigle and Samantha DeCarlo
 PDF icon Arsenic and Rice in Baby Food Supply Chains Executive Briefings Dec 2021 Caroline Peters and Brad Gehrke
 PDF icon Australia and New Zealand’s New Privacy Laws and Enforcement Measures in an Era of Digital Growth Executive Briefings Jun 2021 Brian Daigle, Mahnaz Khan
 PDF icon Autonomous Mobile Robots for Warehouses: Rising U.S. Production and Competition Executive Briefings Aug 2020 Robert Casanova, Fernando Gracia, and Andrew David
 PDF icon Beware of the Hype: Meat Alternatives Executive Briefings Jun 2019 Justin Choe
 PDF icon Bracing for a Softwood Lumber Supply Shock Executive Briefings Sep 2022 Sarah Scott
 PDF icon Brazil’s Applied Tariffs Understated Its Overall Import Restrictiveness from 2001–2011 Executive Briefings Feb 2013 Caitlyn Carrico, Dylan Carlson
 PDF icon Brazil’s Surging Foreign Investment: A Blessing or a Curse? Executive Briefings Oct 2012 Justino De La Cruz, Joanne Guth, Amanda Reynolds, Darren Sheets
 PDF icon Carbon Border Adjustments: A Catalyst for Lower Aluminum Industry Emissions? Executive Briefings Aug 2020 Daniel Matthews
 PDF icon Changes in the U.S. Pharmaceutical Import Mix under the Agreement on Trade in Pharmaceutical Products Executive Briefings Aug 2017 Elizabeth Nesbitt
 PDF icon Characteristics of the Integrated Circuit Industries in the U.S. and China: A Primer Executive Briefings Mar 2020 Christopher D. Watson
 PDF icon China and India: The Growing Arenas for E-Commerce Executive Briefings Aug 2015 Jeff Horowitz and Aimee Phelan
 PDF icon China Emerges as a Major Exporter of Wind Turbine Nacelles Executive Briefings Mar 2021 Andrew David
 PDF icon China's Changing Medtech Landscape, Part 1: Shifting Exports Executive Briefings Jan 2018 Mihir Torsekar
 PDF icon China’s Dominance as a Global Consumer and Producer of Copper Executive Briefings Aug 2012 Alexander Hammer, Lin Jones
 PDF icon China's Emerging Role as a Global Source of FDI Executive Briefings Jan 2012 Alexander Hammer , Lin Jones
 PDF icon China's Growth Recession and Policy Response Executive Briefings Mar 2009 Alexander Hammer
 PDF icon China’s Move Up the Value Chain Through More Complex Intermediate Exports Executive Briefings Nov 2019 Lin Jones, Meryem Demirkaya, and Erika Bethmann
 PDF icon China’s Official Assistance and Corresponding Trade Flows to Africa Executive Briefings Mar 2015 Arona Butcher, Wen Jin Yuan
 PDF icon China's Outward Foreign Direct Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa Executive Briefings Jul 2019 Arona Butcher, Wen Jin “Jean” Yuan, and Ujjwall Uppuluri
 PDF icon China’s Recycled Wastepaper Import Policies: Part 1 Impact on the United States Executive Briefings Apr 2018 Sarah Scott
 PDF icon China's Recycled Wastepaper Import Policies: Part 2 Economic Effects and Implications for Associated Industries Executive Briefings Nov 2019 Sarah Scott and Robert Ireland
 PDF icon China's Trade and Investment in Financial Services with Africa Executive Briefings Oct 2014 Wen Jin Yuan
 PDF icon China’s Trade And Investment Relationship With Africa Executive Briefings Apr 2013 Lauren Gamache , Alexander Hammer, Lin Jones
 PDF icon China: A Leading Growth Market For U.S. Services Exports And Investment Executive Briefings Mar 2013 George Serletis
 PDF icon Chinese Wind Turbine Export Growth Continued in 2021 Executive Briefings Mar 2022 Andrew David
 PDF icon Could 3-D Printing Change Global Trade? The Potential Effects of 3-D Printing on Global Supply Chains Executive Briefings Dec 2019 Christine Kobza
 PDF icon Data Centers Around the World: A Quick Look Executive Briefings May 2021 Brian Daigle
 PDF icon Deadly High-purity Fentanyl from China is Entering the U.S. through E-commerce Channels Executive Briefings Sep 2019 George Serletis
 PDF icon Death of the Zombie Steel Firms and Reduction of Steel Excess Capacity in China Executive Briefings Nov 2019 Pedro Cardenas
 PDF icon Decline in U.S. Passenger Railcar Competitiveness Signals New Infrastructure Concerns Executive Briefings May 2019 James Stamps
 PDF icon Decline in U.S. Turbine Exports Executive Briefings Dec 2019 Andrew David
 PDF icon Demographic Diversity in U.S. Automotive Manufacturing Executive Briefings Sep 2020 David Coffin and Amanda Lawrence
 PDF icon Demographic Makeup of SMEs in the United States and United Kingdom Executive Briefings Jul 2021 Dixie Downing and Fernando Gracia
 PDF icon Disruptions to Global Supply Chains Due to the War in Ukraine Executive Briefings Jun 2022 Samantha DeCarlo, Samuel Goodman, Kelsi Van Veen, and Marin Weaver
 PDF icon Does China Still Have a Debt Problem? Executive Briefings Sep 2018 Alexander Hammer and Nabil Abbyad
 PDF icon Doing Business in Europe: The U.S. Tech Industry Struggles with Regulators Executive Briefings Dec 2017 Brian Daigle
 PDF icon Dynamism & Diversity in U.S.-BRIC Trade Executive Briefings Aug 2009 Alexander Hammer