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The staff research publications help keep the Commission and the public current on domestic and global activities that affect U.S. trade, investment, and competitiveness conditions. This research is typically conducted by staff in the Office of Economics and Office of Industries, and is published in three different formats. For further information about the differences between the publications, please visit Publications Type information.

Note that staff research publications reflect the work of individual authors and are not the views of the U.S. International Trade Commission or any of its individual Commissioners.

Staff research publications can be found by typing in the desired keyword into the search box labeled "Search Staff Documents." Filtering options on the left panel can help narrow the search criteria. Note: Filtering may not be presented on mobile devices

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Title Document Type Date Author
 PDF icon 2020 Marine Fuel Regulations Set to Make Waves in Global Fuel Markets Executive Briefings Jan 2020 Diana Friedman
 PDF icon Adding Travel Goods to GSP: Did BDCs Benefit? Executive Briefings Sep 2020 Ryan Kane and Marin Weaver
 PDF icon Autonomous Mobile Robots for Warehouses: Rising U.S. Production and Competition Executive Briefings Aug 2020 Robert Casanova, Fernando Gracia, and Andrew David
 PDF icon Carbon Border Adjustments: A Catalyst for Lower Aluminum Industry Emissions? Executive Briefings Aug 2020 Daniel Matthews
 PDF icon Characteristics of the Integrated Circuit Industries in the U.S. and China: A Primer Executive Briefings Mar 2020 Christopher D. Watson
 PDF icon Demographic Diversity in U.S. Automotive Manufacturing Executive Briefings Sep 2020 David Coffin and Amanda Lawrence
 PDF icon European Spruce Bark Beetle Infestation Affecting U.S. and EU Softwood Exports Executive Briefings Feb 2020 Kelsi Van Veen
 PDF icon Geothermal Heat Pumps: Demand is Heating Up Executive Briefings Sep 2020 Dixie Downing and Fernando Gracia
 PDF icon How Big Is China’s BRI-Related OFDI Spending & Where Is It Going? Executive Briefings Jul 2020 Alexander B. Hammer and Trevor Litwin
 PDF icon Illicit Trade in Endangered Flora and Fauna Executive Briefings Aug 2020 Eric Heath
 PDF icon Kenyan Automotive Industry: Historical Trends and Recent Policy Changes Executive Briefings Sep 2020 Simon Adhanom and Jeffrey Horowitz
 PDF icon Rare Earth Elements Supply Chains, Part 1: An Update on Global Production and Trade Executive Briefings Dec 2020 Kelsi Van Veen and Alex Melton
 PDF icon The Periodic Table of USITC Investigations Executive Briefings Feb 2020 Samuel Goodman
 PDF icon Understanding Non-Tariff Measures in Services Trade Using Firm-Level Data Executive Briefings Jan 2020 Tamar Khachaturian, Sarah Oliver, and Art Chambers