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The staff research publications help keep the Commission and the public current on domestic and global activities that affect U.S. trade, investment, and competitiveness conditions. This research is typically conducted by staff in the Office of Economics and Office of Industries, and is published in three different formats. For further information about the differences between the publications, please visit Publications Type information.

Note that staff research publications reflect the work of individual authors and are not the views of the U.S. International Trade Commission or any of its individual Commissioners.

Staff research publications can be found by typing in the desired keyword into the search box labeled "Search Staff Documents." Filtering options on the left panel can help narrow the search criteria. Note: Filtering may not be presented on mobile devices

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Title Document Type Date Author
 PDF icon A Brief History of the U.S. Trade Adjustment Assistance Program for Workers Executive Briefings Jan 2017 Joanne Guth and Jean Lee
 PDF icon Nigeria’s Services Economy: The Engine For Future Growth Executive Briefings Mar 2017 Erick Oh
 PDF icon The Slowdown in Global Trade in Goods and Services, 2012-15 : Extent and Potential Factors Executive Briefings Mar 2017 Heather Wickramarachi
 PDF icon Trade In Services: A Small But Growing Part Of Sub-Saharan African Trade Executive Briefings Apr 2017 Cynthia Payne and Jennifer Powell
 PDF icon Evaluations of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program for Workers: A Literature Review Executive Briefings May 2017 Joanne Guth and Jean Lee
 PDF icon The Potential Impact of Brexit on the United Kingdom’s GDP Executive Briefings May 2017 Joanne Guth and Meryem Demirkaya
 PDF icon U.S. Firms Are Becoming Leaders in the Automotive Semiconductor Market Executive Briefings Jun 2017 David Coffin, Dan Kim
 PDF icon Why Have U.S. Firms Offshored to China? Executive Briefings Jun 2017 Alexander B. Hammer
 PDF icon The Size and Composition of U.S. Manufacturing Offshoring to China Executive Briefings Jun 2017 Alexander B. Hammer
 PDF icon Changes in the U.S. Pharmaceutical Import Mix under the Agreement on Trade in Pharmaceutical Products Executive Briefings Aug 2017 Elizabeth Nesbitt
 PDF icon ‘Made in China 2025’ Attempts to Re-Stimulate Domestic Innovation Executive Briefings Sep 2017 Alexander B. Hammer
 PDF icon India’s Price Controls on Coronary Stents May Place U.S. Firms at a Competitive Disadvantage Executive Briefings Oct 2017 Mihir Torsekar
 PDF icon NAFTA and Medical Device Trade in North America Executive Briefings Nov 2017 Mihir Torsekar
 PDF icon Doing Business in Europe: The U.S. Tech Industry Struggles with Regulators Executive Briefings Dec 2017 Brian Daigle
 PDF icon Still Afloat? A Look at the Helium Industry Executive Briefings Dec 2017 Samantha DeCarlo and Alan Uy