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Frozen Warmwater Shrimp from China, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam
Inv. No. 701-TA-491-497 (Final)
August 13, 2013

Witness List  [PDF]

The Honorable Jay Dardenne, Lieutenant Governor, State of Louisiana
The Honorable Sean Tindell, State Senate, State of Mississippi
The Honorable Jeffrey S. Guice, State Representative, State of Mississippi
The Honorable Joseph A. Harrison, State Representative, State of Louisiana
Carson Kimbrough, Coalition of Shrimp Industries ("COGSI")
Alan Gibson, Coalition of Shrimp Industries ("COGSI")
E. Richard Gollott, Sr., Coalition of Shrimp Industries ("COGSI")
Lance Authement, Coalition of Shrimp Industries ("COGSI")
Chef John D. Folse, Coalition of Shrimp Industries ("COGSI")
Exhibits, Coalition of Shrimp Industries ("COGSI")
Exhibits, Seafood Exporters Association of India ("SEAI")
Testimony for the record, The Honorable Jeff Sessions, U.S. Senate, State of Alabama

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