August 12, 2009
News Release 09-060
Inv. No. U.S.-Singapore FTA-103-022
Contact: Peg O'Laughlin, 202-205-1819


Proposed Changes Could Impact Certain U.S. Textile Production

The U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) today released a public version of its report concerning proposed modifications of the U.S.-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (USSFTA) rules of origin.

Certain Yarns and Fabrics FY 2009: Effect of Modification of the U.S.-Singapore FTA Rules of Origin, was requested by the U.S. Trade Representative. The USITC's confidential report was submitted to the USTR on August 4, 2009.

As requested, the USITC, an independent, nonpartisan, factfinding federal agency, provided advice on the probable effect of proposed USSFTA rules of origin modifications on U.S. trade and on domestic production for four textile product groups (viscose rayon filament yarns; plain- woven cotton fabrics; combed, compact wool yarns; and certain flannel and/or napped fabrics). For the combed, compact wool yarns product group, the USITC found that the proposed changes are likely to result in a small increase in U.S. trade of such yarns from Singapore; a negligible increase in total trade of such yarns; and the threat of an adverse effect on U.S. production of such yarns. Changes to the rules of origin for the other three product groups likely would result in no probable effect on U.S. trade and production of these yarns and fabrics.

Details on the articles covered by the investigation can be found at

Certain Yarns and Fabrics FY 2009: Effect of Modification of U.S.-Singapore FTA Rules of Origin (Inv. No. U.S.-Singapore FTA-103-022, USITC Publication No. 4096, August 2009) is posted on the ITC Internet site at Copies may be requested by emailing, calling 202-205-2000, or writing to the Office of the Secretary, U.S. International Trade Commission, 500 E Street SW, Washington, DC 20436. Requests may also be made by fax to 202-205-2104.

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