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We have redesigned our site to deliver enhancements that you, the user, have asked for. Clearer navigation. Better readability. Easier access to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule. And much more.

What is changing?

  • increased site width to improve readability and help you see what you’re looking for at a glance.

  • restructured navigation to help you find what you really need
    • a handy search tool for the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, right at the top of the homepage;
    • a new "Popular Topics" drop-down in the banner that will point you toward the most highly used web pages on our site;
    • compressed lists that expand when clicked on – for example, when searching for a Federal Register notice, rather than scroll through pages of displayed text, you can now locate a case alphabetically by title, then click on the investigation you’re looking for to find the exact FR notice you’re seeking;
    • a new footer structure that highlights relevant reference information and provides links to free software you may need to view content on the site.
  • new features to help users who are new to our site locate information, especially those seeking tariff information. The rotating stories on the home page will share breaking news, increase transparency and help explain how we do what we do, and highlight important content located deeper in the site. And be sure to check out the new "Help Me Find..." widget in the left side column of the home page.

What is not changing?
  • the URLs to specific pages – if you have created bookmarks or established links, they’ll work just as they did before.
  • our content – you’ll still find all the information and news you rely on the site to provide.

These are just a few of the highlights of the upgrades included in our new web design – you’ll find many other enhancements throughout the site. We welcome your feedback on the changes and upgrades, and on ways we can further improve our site to serve you. Feel free to send your comments to us at: