Reports to Management

The Office of Inspector General provides various reports to management as a result of its oversight of Commission programs. These reports include audits, evaluations, inspections, management letters and management reports. Some of these reports contain recommendations for management.

Report Title Report Number Date
USITC Management and Performance Challenges OIG-MR-20-15 September 29, 2020
Management Letter: Overpayments OIG-ML-20-14 June 10, 2020
Management Report: IPERA Determination for Fiscal Year 2019 OIG-MR-20-13 April 28, 2020
Audit of Data in the 337Info System OIG-AR-20-12 February 26, 2020
Management Report: FY2020 Charge Card Risk Assessment Report OIG-MR-20-11 January 31, 2020
Management Letter: FY 2019 Financial Statement Audit OIG-ML-20-10 December 20, 2019
Audit of ITCNet's Linux Software Management OIG-AR-20-09 December 16, 2019
Audit of ITCNet's Windows Operating System Software Management OIG-AR-20-08 December 12, 2019
Audit of ITCNet's Hardware Management OIG-AR-20-07 December 6, 2019
Report on Internal Control Fiscal Year 2019 OIG-AR-20-06 November 15, 2019