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Granular Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Resin from India and Russia

Active Investigations
Granular Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) Resin from India and Russia
Inv. No. 701-TA-663-664 and 731-TA-1555-1556
Final Phase
Office of Investigations Name/E-mail Phone
(202) 205-2043
Supervisory Investigator
(202) 205-3200
Key Dates
09/02/2021: Start
10/15/2021: Return Questionnaires
12/17/2021: Prehearing Report
01/03/2022: Prehearing Briefs
01/19/2022 9:30 am: Hearing
01/26/2022: Posthearing Briefs
02/04/2022: Report to the Commission
02/09/2022: Record Closing
02/11/2022: Final Comments
02/16/2022: Proposed Vote
03/04/2022: Determination(s) Issued
03/04/2022: View(s) Issued
03/04/2022: End
Document Type Document Title File Type
Notices - USITCSchedulingpdf
Notices - USITCHearing Letterpdf
QuestionnairesU.S. Producers' Questionnairemsword
QuestionnairesU.S. Importers' Questionnairemsword
QuestionnairesU.S. Purchasers' Questionnairemsword
QuestionnairesForeign Producers'/Exporters' Questionnairemsword
QuestionnairesQuestionnaire Specification Sheetpdf
Other DocumentsService List - APOpdf
Other DocumentsService List - Publicpdf