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Brass Sheet and Strip From Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan

Completed Investigations
Brass Sheet and Strip From Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan
Inv. No. 701-TA-269-270 and 731-TA-311-314, 317, and 379
Second Review (Full) Phase
Office of Investigations Name/E-mail Phone
Vincent Honnold
Supervisory Investigator
George Deyman
Key Dates
04/01/2005: Start
11/09/2005: Return Questionnaires
12/20/2005: Prehearing Report
01/12/2006: Prehearing Briefs
01/24/2006 8:45 am: Hearing
02/02/2006: Posthearing Briefs
02/15/2006: Staff Report
02/23/2006: Record Closing
02/27/2006: Final Comments
03/06/2006: Proposed Vote
03/21/2006: End
Document Type Document Title File Type
Notices - USITCNotice of Institutionpdf
Notices - USITCNotice of Full Review(s)pdf
Notices - USITCScheduling Noticepdf
Notices - USITCDetermination(s)pdf
QuestionnairesU.S. - Producerpdf
QuestionnairesU.S. - Importerpdf
QuestionnairesU.S. - Purchaserpdf
QuestionnairesForeign - Producerpdf
QuestionnairesInstructions - U.S.pdf
QuestionnairesInstructions - Foreign Producerpdf
QuestionnairesTransmittal Letter - - U.S.pdf
QuestionnairesTransmittal Letter - - Purchaserpdf
QuestionnairesTransmittal Letter - - Foreign Producerpdf
Other DocumentsService List - APOpdf
Other DocumentsService List - Publicpdf
Other DocumentsNews Release - Conduct Full Reviewpdf
Other DocumentsNews Release - Determinationspdf
Other DocumentsUSITC Publicationpdf
Commerce DocumentsNotice of Initiationpdf
Commerce DocumentsFinal Results - (Postpone)pdf
Commerce DocumentsFinal Results - Final AD Resultspdf
Commerce DocumentsFinal Results - CVD Results - Brazilpdf