Updated: 7/19/2022

Identification and Number of Cases Delegating Public Interest (Updated Quarterly)

Since 2010, the Commission has delegated authority to the ALJ to take evidence or other information and hear arguments on the statutory public interest factors in the following 127 investigations.

In FY 2021, the Commission delegated the development of a factual record on the statutory public interest factors to the presiding ALJ in about 16 percent of total new investigations.

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Investigation Title Investigation Number
Adjustable-Height Beds 337-TA-734
Automotive Navigation Systems 337-TA-814
CMOS Image Sensors 337-TA-846
Cartridges for Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems 337-TA-1141
Certain Air Mattress Systems, Components Thereof and Methods of Using the Same 337-TA-971
Certain Antivenom Compositions and Products Containing the Same 337-TA-903
Certain Audio Processing Hardware and Software and Products Containing the Same 337-TA-949
Certain Audio Processing Hardware, Software, and Products Containing the Same 337-TA-1026
Certain Capacitive Touch Sensing Systems, Capacitive Touch Sensing Controllers, Microcontrollers With Capacitive Touch Sensing Functionality, and Components Thereof 337-TA-1268
Certain Capacitive Touch-Controlled Mobile Devices, Computers, and Components Thereof 337-TA-1193
Certain Carbon and Alloy Steel Products 337-TA-1002
Certain Cellular Base Station Communication Equipment, Components Thereof, and Products Containing Same 337-TA-1302
Certain Clidinium Bromide and Products Containing Same 337-TA-1109
Certain Communications or Computing Devices and Components Thereof 337-TA-925
Certain Computing or Graphics Systems, Components Thereof, and Vehicles Containing Same 337-TA-984
Certain Consumer Electronics and Display Devices with Graphics Processing and Graphics Processing Units Therein 337-TA-932
Certain Data Transmission Devices, Components Thereof, Associated Software, and Products Containing the Same 337-TA-1150
Certain Dental Ceramics, Products Thereof, and Methods of Making the Same 337-TA-1050
Certain Devices Containing Non-Volatile Memory and Products Containing the Same 337-TA-922
Certain Digital Cable and Satellite Products, Set-Top Boxes, Gateways, and Components Thereof 337-TA-1049
Certain Digital Video-Capable Devices and Components Thereof 337-TA-1224​
Certain Electronic Devices Having Wireless Communication Capabilities and Components Thereof 337-TA-1284
Certain Electronic Devices and Semiconductor Devices With Timing-Aware Dummy Fill And Components Thereof 337-TA-1319
Certain Electronic Devices, Including Computers, Tablet Computers, and Components and Modules Thereof 337-TA-1208
Certain Electronic Devices, Including Mobile Phones, Tablet Computers, and Components Thereof 337-TA-1038