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This report traditionally includes extensive U.S. trade data on a sector and country basis, as well as analysis of the major shifts in the previous year's U.S. trade. However, this year the USITC is publishing only the trade data, and is reviewing the report's content and analytical aspects to improve its utility for users (and potential users).

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Exports, Imports and Trade Balance

USA Export Import & Trade Balance Chart

Trade Shifts from 2010 to 2011

  • U.S. trade deficit : Increased by $111.3 billion (14 percent) to $887.8 billion
  • U.S. exports: Increased by $177.0 billion (16 percent) to $1,299.2 billion
  • U.S. imports: Increased by $288.3 billion (15 percent) to $2,187.0 billion

Trade data tables:

Overall Shifts

Sector Shifts

Country Shifts

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