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Developments in the Sourcing of Raw Materials for the Production of Paper
Author: Vincent Honnold
August 2009

Industrial Biotechnology in China Amidst Changing Market Conditions
Elizabeth Nesbitt
February 2009

Challenges to Foreign Investment in High-Tech Semiconductor Production in China
Falan Yinug
May 2009

The Antigua-United States Online Gambling Dispute
Isaac Wohl
July 2009

Inbound and Outbound U.S. Foreign Direct Investment, 2000-2007
Laura Bloodgood
August 2009

Developments in the Sourcing of Raw Materials for the Production of Paper
Vincent Honnold
August 2009


The Post 9/11 Global Framework for Cargo Security
Joann Peterson and Alan Treat
March 2008

The Link Between Openness and Long-Run Economic Growth
Lill Andersen and Ronald Babula
July 2008


Inbound and Outbound U.S. Direct Investment With Leading Partner Countries
June 2007

U.S. Trade Law and FTAs: A Survey of Labor Requirements
June 2007

The Rise of the Flash Memory Market: Its Impact on Firm Behavior and Global Semiconductor Trade Patterns
June 2007

A "Calibrated Approach": Pharmaceutical FDI and the Evolution of Indian Patent Law
July 2007

Export Taxes on Agricultural Products: Recent History and Economic Modeling of Soybean Export Taxes in Argentina
September 2007


Access to Capital in China: Competitive Conditions for Foreign and Domestic Firms
December 2006

Distinctive Patterns & Prospects in China-Latin America Trade, 1999-2005
December 2006

U.S. Corn Sweeteners and Mexican Sugar: Agreement at Last!
December 2006