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JICE 2012

Journal of International Commerce and Economics (Full Version)

Services Liberalization and Computable General Equilibrium Modeling: Beyond Tariff Equivalents Tani Fukui and Christine McDaniel

China’s Vision for Renewable Energy: The Status of Bioenergy and Bioproduct Research and Commercialization Elizabeth R. Nesbitt, Paul Thiers, Johnway Gao, Sharon Shoemaker, Manuel Garcia-Perez, Julie Carrier, Joy Doran-Peterson, John Morgan, Guangyi Wang, Pierre Christian, And Wensel Shulin Chen

The U.S. International Trade Commission's High-Technology Trade Roundtable Falan Yinug and Natalie Mabile

Can We Apply Lessons from the German Trade Balance with China to the United States? John B. Benedetto

Comment on “Innovation and Job Creation in a Global Economy: The Case of Apple's iPod Jose Alberro